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What is your in game name? : AlwaysVape
Where are you from : I was Born in Texas and I Still Live in Texas 
What is your main language? : English
How many languages do you speak? : 1
How long have you played on this server? : 1 week
For how long have you played Minecraft? : 6 years
How much do you know about commands and plugins? : I know a low about commands and plugins.
How old are you? : 15
Have you ever donated to the server? : Not yet but i'm going to soon.
Do you meet all the requirements? : Yes
What requirement do you miss? : None
How often are you available to play? : 4 to 7 hours a day if i'm not busy but if I'm busy 3 to 5 hours
Motivation : My Motivation to the Staff Team is I love to help people who are in need and if a staff member needs help. I am kind and so far my experience in being staff is 4 owned servers and 1 co owned server , Head admin on 1 server, Secret Staff on 2 servers, Admin on 3 servers,  Mod on 3 servers, Jr Mod on 2 servers, Helper on 2 servers, Trainee on 1 server, Staff Manager on 2 servers, and Builder on 2 servers of course not at the same time and I'm not staff on those servers anymore. I want to be staff on your serer because I understand the feeling of having not that many staff on your server and I want to make sure that percentage of servers I want to make less. Also because I love to help all the players on the server that need help.
Anything else you would like to add? : Nothing else but thanks for taking your time to read my app I hope you enjoyed and I hope to be a Staff Member on your server very soon bye. Smile
You are Approved , i'm going to test you ingame.

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