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Report Format [Official]
Welcome To The Report Section!,
Here you will be able to reports other players or staff members, but let us first tell you how to do it.

It is pretty easy just give us the following information:
Quote:Name of offender:
Name of offense:
Date and time:

We might LOCK your thread if you do not use this format!

Name of offender:
Make sure the name of the offender is visible in case you have visible proof, it would also help us if you spelt the IGN right.

Name of offense:
One or more off the following offenses.

Date and time:
It will greatly help us out if you could provide us with the date and time. Take note, we will LOCK the thread if you cannot provide us with at least a date.

The following types of evidence must be in your report in order for us to accept it:

- Evidence of hacking is preferred in a video
- Must not be a download (Use //
- Visible IGN in case of video or print screen
- Not older than 1 week old.

- You do not have to make many threads when reporting much users, Combine as many reports into 1 thread.

[b]King Regards,
EXPOnline Team.

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